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About Salimata

Having completed entrepreneurial training at the African Institute of Management, Salimata Traore holds a BBA in Finance and Banking. Part of her training was through webinars and conferences. Salimata’s work background is in marketing, research and analysis, and business strategy. Salimata demonstrates strong leadership ability, and she is posturing herself for the corporate world. 

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Salimata had always wanted to be an entrepreneur since she was in university. There, she would buy and sell products. Through her training, she decided to focus on transforming local products. To date, Salimata is a member of the Mali Startup Association and Women Tech Mali. She is also an activist for women’s equality.

Business Information

Sa’Hello manufactures and sells cashew nut and cashew apple products. They have a strong online market. They financially empower women who are involved in cashew nut production in Mali. The company intends to increase its social media presence and improve the marketing of its products and services in order to become a key player. 

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