Ryan Andriamahery

Haute Ecole d'Informatique (HEI)
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About Ryan

Ryan is a visionary entrepreneur and co-founder of Haute Ecole d’Informatique (HEI), empowering youth with essential job skills. Committed to combating poverty through education, he strives to make a meaningful impact. With a passion for positively influencing young lives, Ryan is an inspiring entrepreneur.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Ryan’s entrepreneurial journey was sparked by his passion for education and poverty alleviation. Establishing Haute Ecole d’Informatique (HEI) allowed him to address the skills gap among young individuals and make a positive impact. As a visionary leader, Ryan’s innovative approach and dedication inspire others and drive social change.

Business Profile

The Haute Ecole d’Informatique (HEI) of Madagascar is a training center that equips young people with the necessary skills for digital professions. Since its establishment in 2021, HEI has experienced significant growth and currently has approximately 154 students. By addressing the local unemployment challenge and bridging the international digital talent gap, HEI plays a crucial role in preparing young Malagasy individuals for the job market. The venture’s focus on creating a reputable brand in tech education demonstrates its commitment to empowering youth with valuable tech skills. In the next five years, HEI aims to see its current students successfully integrated into professional roles with excellent working conditions, showcasing its potential for further growth. The business revenue fluctuates, but it has generated $1500 in income.

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