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RBK Pearls
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About Rebecca

22-year-old student and entrepreneur Rebecca is originally from Niamtougou, a town in northern Togo. She is a software developer who develops websites and mobile applications.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

After attending a beading and soapmaking workshop that her father paid for, Rebecca discovered a passion for the craft. She made a few samples that garnered positive feedback and sold well among her family and friends. On the basis of this early success, Rebecca teamed up with a few friends to try and meet the growing demand for her products. Thus, her business came into existence.

Business Profile

Rebecca is the founder of RBK Pearls, which manufactures and sells beaded accessories. She started her business in 2019 in the capital city, Lomé. RBK Pearls offers a range of products, with waist beads, bracelets, and necklaces being the bestselling items. The team produces approximately 300 articles per month. To market these products, Rebecca maintains an active presence on social media and also participates in fairs and other big events. As demand continues to grow, Rebecca plans to secure a formal production and office space. She also intends to recruit more drivers in order to improve the delivery service.

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