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Rebecca Andrianarisandy is the founder of GasGasy. A company that wants to do something about deforestation, a problem that is threatening the livelihood of people in Madagascar. GasGasy’s objective is to decrease the use of charcoal in the country by providing an alternative, affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy for people to cook with, in the form of in the form of bio-compost and bio-gas.

The company is already making huge strides in this industry and has had many positive impacts on the Malagasy society. Firstly, it is an innovative aspect of green energy that is affordable and easily available to the masses, that is the first of its kind in the country. Secondly, compressed bio-gas tanks have made it easier and again, more affordable for many households to cook in Madagascar.

GasGasy is the solution to the deforestation problem that is currently weighting on Madagascar. The company will also create many jobs for people in the future.


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