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Agriculture was never in Osvaldo Mokouma’s realm of interests. However, after seeing the high numbers of imported agricultural goods in The Republic of Congo, Osvaldo wanted to make a contribution to advocating for homegrown products. Leveraging off of his digital experience he built an application that farmers could use to connect with labour, hiring equipment and other goods.

Then in 2018, after participating the African Entrepreneurship Awards, he met Merveil Mavoungou, a specialist in urban soil systems, with whom he shared the same aspirations for food security in the country.

Together they co-founded AquagriTech. AquagriTech is an enterprise that enhances urban bio-waste to produce natural food from fish that are put in a closed circuit with plants that assimilate the droppings of fish for their growth. The plants are fed by the fish waste which filters roots – thus simultaneously feeding the fish while growing produce. This allows families to grow food at home.

Within a year of the business opening, AquagriTech adopted technology in an urban greenhouse that produces healthy, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables all year round in the city.


Une jeune congolaise lauréate d’un prix de 25.000 $

Al wihda


Osvaldo Rey Mokouma,19 ans, originaire de la République du Congo, recevra $15 000 ayant été nommé premier finaliste

Anzisha Prize announces top 20 young African entrepreneurs of 2019 in running for $25k prize



Meet Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs whose ideas are re-imagining the future of the continent After months of searching the African continent, the Anzisha Prize has unveiled its top 20 finalists for 2019. The winner of the $25 000 grand prize will be announced at the ninth annual Anzisha Prize Forum on 22 October in Johannesburg.


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