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About Olamide

At 16 years old, Olamide is a dedicated entrepreneur and co-owner of Balogun Sisters, a jewelry business specializing in beads and wire creations. She embodies the core values of storytelling, representation, and respect, which are deeply important to her. Olamide sees her business as a platform for activism and a way to contribute to positive change in the world. Her jewelry pieces reflect themes of feminine strength, feminism, pride, and the honoring of oppressed minorities and identities.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Olamide’s transition into entrepreneurship was a natural progression driven by her personal values and beliefs. Recognizing the need for societal improvement, she saw an opportunity to combine her passion for jewelry-making with her desire for activism. By infusing her creations with powerful narratives and messages, Olamide transformed her artistic talents into a meaningful business venture. Her transition reflects her commitment to using entrepreneurship as a vehicle for social change.

Business Profile

Balogun Sisters Jewellery is a unique business that handcrafts jewelry using beads and wire. They offer a variety of accessories, from necklaces to bracelets, and provide both ready-made and custom designs. Their packaging includes complimentary cards with uplifting messages. The business aims to cater to diverse fashion tastes while promoting social justice. Balogun Sisters seeks collaborations with stylists and fashion icons and plans to expand internationally. The business roughly earns around $40 per month, with 40 customers.

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