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Alain Nteff

Gifted Mom
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Alain Nteff, alarmed by the high infant and maternal mortality rate in his community, at 20 developed a mobile app called Gifted Mom to help alleviate this problem. Working with some health personnel, he discovered that many Cameronians lack access to prenatal and antenatal care. So he collated an advisory board to collect and disseminate information to women in the community. This app which has over 500 downloads offers services such as a vaccination tracker, breastfeeding info, and general antenatal care. Gifted mom has resulted in a 20% increase in antenatal attendance in 15 rural communities, having about 1200 pregnant women and mothers as beneficiaries. Working with about 200 medical students, he’s venture partners with the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action, WHO, and google.

Since becoming an Anzisha Fellow, Alain’s venture has received increased media attention from media outlets like the Huffington post, CNN, and Forbes AfriqueIt has also grown immensely in terms of revenue; from a pre-revenue of $3000 in 2015 to a projected revenue $150000 in 2016. Gifted Mom raised additional $80000 in grants and $2000 in equity investment in 2015 from clients like UNFPA, UNICEF, PLAN INTERNATIONAL, NESTLE NUTRITION.

He has also been recognized by the queen of England as a Queen’s Young Leaders Award recipient, the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper, and by Google as a Student Ambassador.

Alain hopes to impact millions in the near future, hence significantly reducing the infant and maternal mortality rates across Africa.


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