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About Betty

Growing up in severe poverty and environmental degradation, Betty and her unemployed mother depended on collecting and selling plastic bottles for survival. Despite these challenges, Betty seized the opportunity to attend a technical institute, where she discovered her talent and passion for tailoring and fashion.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Betty’s journey into entrepreneurship was driven by her desire for change and empowerment. Despite financial barriers, Betty pursued her dreams by attending a technical institute and developing the skills needed to start her own business. Inspired by her experiences, she co-founded Edu-Plastics to address plastic pollution and empower women in marginalized communities. Leading Edu-Plastics enables her to foster sustainability, gender empowerment, and social responsibility. For Betty, entrepreneurship is about leaving a legacy of positive change.

Business Profile

Edu-Plastics is a social enterprise that tackles the pressing issue of plastic pollution while empowering women in marginalized communities. By transforming plastic waste into eco-friendly educational materials and accessories, the venture significantly reduces plastic waste in landfills and water bodies. Edu-Plastics also provides employment opportunities and skills training to women, particularly single mothers, who often face limited job prospects. This dual approach addresses environmental sustainability, educational enhancement, and economic empowerment.

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