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Myriame Andriamampianina

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About Myriame

Myriame is an algorithmic engineering student who works full-time as a technology recruiter and part-time as a mathematics teacher. Since 2020, she has been leading a non-profit association called WE LOVE AND WE HELP, which actively engages with various communities of women scientists in Madagascar. She chose this field for two main reasons: her love for science and her commitment to humanity, believing it to be the perfect blend of both.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Myriame’s transition into entrepreneurship began with her passion for innovation and a vision to improve the connection between talents and businesses in the dynamic digital landscape. Her professional experiences highlighted the need to simplify and enhance the recruitment process. This realization led to the creation of her company Codeo. As an entrepreneur, Myriame enjoys the freedom to push the boundaries of innovation, experiment with new approaches, and redefine team-building processes. Each step of her journey is driven by the conviction that digital solutions can transform the success of businesses and professionals in the modern economy.

Business Profile 

Codeo is a digital agency built on three core pillars: digital transformation and software development, international recruitment for Malagasy developers, and the creation of MyAsa, a mobile job search app powered by artificial intelligence. The agency has experienced swift expansion, securing global placements, winning accolades, and earning trust from clients, particularly in the international arena. Established on the founder’s professional insights, Codeo addresses the job market challenges encountered by Madagascar’s youth.

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