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About Mustapha

Mustapha Zeroul is from a rural town in the southern part of Morocco. He obtained his high school diploma in Sciences and Mathematics in 2016. He then pursued post-secondary studies and obtained a degree in computer engineering.

His entrepreneurial journey started when he built his first company named SARL, which was specialized in e-commerce and digital marketing. Unfortunately, SARL was not a success and the company went bankrupt after being operational for a limited period of time. After this experience, Mustapha decided to hone his skills in engineering to be better prepared for his next project. He went on to study integrated systems hoping to gain expertise in that area as an engineer. Mustapha describes himself as someone who has always had an entrepreneurial spirit; this spirit pushed him to create his second innovative business IA4YOU.


Staying on ‘track’

IA4YOU is a social enterprise that designs different systems and digital platforms using artificial intelligence. The business has created a tracking system for lost/stolen vehicles. The business has partnered with a car rental company which is currently testing the system in its vehicles. The business also designed a product to hinder the impact of COVID-19 in Morocco; a user-friendly teleconsultation platform to get free diagnosis and detect potentially severe cases of COVID-19.

I4YOU has partnered with health practitioners and Morocco’s ministry of health to help track and monitor COVID-19 cases in the country. The platform has so far been used by 1 million Moroccans in the fight against COVID-19.


Finalists of the 2020 Anzisha Prize: Mustapha Zeroual - IA4YOU - digital platforms using artificial intelligence

Land of African Business


Mustapha Zeroual , a 22-year-old Moroccan engineer in intelligent, communicating and mobile systems, launched IA4YOU in 2019, a commercial and social initiative that designs various digital systems and platforms using artificial intelligence.


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