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About Fabris

Fabris, a 20-year-old from the Democratic Republic of Congo, now resides in the Kyangwali refugee settlement in Uganda. Growing up in the settlement, he witnessed the struggles of adults to access food due to limited resources. Determined to make a difference, Fabris is studying physics, math, and drama with the goal of becoming an engineer. His passion lies in solving complex problems in marginalized communities, such as the lack of clean water and electricity. Outside of academics, he enjoys playing the drums and singing, and connecting with diverse communities.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

With a deep-rooted passion for agriculture, Fabris started experimenting with farming at a young age. Despite challenges, he adapted and explored sustainable farming practices. Inspired by his experiences, Fabris founded SOLFA, a movement dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture in the refugee settlement.

Business Profile SOLFA, or “Solve & Flit Africa,” is a youth-led organization empowering marginalized communities, notably in Uganda’s Kyangwali refugee settlement. By training and supporting refugee families in sustainable agriculture, SOLFA addresses food security challenges. Through careful selection and guidance, SOLFA enables families to cultivate crops and raise livestock efficiently. Profits from product sales sustain the program and expand its reach, creating a positive impact in underserved areas.

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