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Orphaned at the age of 11, Mubarak settled with his mother’s sister and her husband. His adoptive parents operated a small book publishing and distribution company, Acrodile Publishers. He observed the business’s conflicting dependency on a good website to reach more customers and the current webmaster who provided a poor service at a high cost. Mubarak decided to address this need by taking the initiative to teach himself how to build a website using online resources.

A couple months and numerous coding tutorials later, Mubarak delivered a working e-commerce site for Acrodile Publishers and added PhP, Java, and Html to his coding tool belt. In 2011, with an amount of US$60, Mubarack registered HypeCentury Technologies & Investments rented a small office in Nairobi CBD, and began developing more custom websites at affordable prices for small business owners.

HypeCentury has continued to grow and become profitable, expanding services to include domain name registration, online marketing, and more. Since his selection as an Anzisha Fellow, Mubarak experienced a newfound success leading him to sell HypeCentury in a six-figure deal. In 2013, Muyika founded his lastest venture, Zagace, which has raised funding from local investors, is a cloud enterprise software that helps companies manage inventory such as accounting, payroll, stock management, marketing,  all bundled in a simple and easy to use format.

In June 2015, Mubarak, was recognized as one of Forbes Africa’s Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs which featured 30 entrepreneurs Under 30.

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