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Nicknamed “the philosopher” by his friends for his thoughtful nature, Mohamed has always had a penchant for deep reflection about the challenges and opportunities facing his community.

It’s his curious nature and sharp eye for observation that led him to identify a unique problem in his community : Living close to seaside in Libya, he noticed that the fishermen who went out to sea were incurring financial losses because their catch would spoil easily while they were out at sea and before they made it to market.

To solve this challenge, Mohamed decided to start creating and selling ice flakes in boxes that fisherman can use to refrigerate their catch while out at sea. This enables fishermen to maximize their time at sea and limit losses due to fish spoiling.

Following an enthusiastic response to the ice flakes from fishermen in his community, Mohamed is hoping to expand the business to several other coastal cities in Libya to help more fishermen avoid losing the essential income they need to survive.

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