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Mohamed Mahmoud

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About Mohamed 

Mohamed is a student at the Academy of Science and Technology, studying software engineering. He is extremely passionate and loves to play football. 


Business Profile 

Maweheb is an app that connects talented soccer players with sports clubs and talent scouts. The app is a platform where businesses (sports clubs and talent scouts) and individuals (players) sign up and connect with each other. Players can find out the latest info about available trials and opportunities as well as upload videos of them playing football for talent scouts to view. Businesses can use the app to review potential players and promote trials and opportunities available to eager Egyptian footballers. 


Football is a very popular sport in Egypt, however access to academies, clubs and trials are limited. If you don’t live in a big city or have the financial resources, you are rarely given the opportunity to participate. This creates an imbalance in who gets discovered and who is given an opportunity. On the talent scouts and clubs side, they have a limited pool of players to invest in. Mawaheb wants to break down those barriers and offer opportunities to those who have accessibility challenges but also expose their talent to the right people. The app allows football enthusiasts who may be in a remote area to upload a video of them playing in hopes that scouts and clubs will see their skill and consider them for their teams. The business generates about $170 on a monthly basis and the app has received + 800 downloads. ​​

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