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About Merab

Merab is an inspiring entrepreneur and the co-founder of Mukuru Talent Share. With a strong passion for her community’s well-being, she is dedicated to making a positive impact. Merab’s vision extends beyond profit, as she aims to create a solution that addresses the needs of all vulnerable members of the community, regardless of their circumstances and background. Merab enjoys playing football in her free time.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Merab’s transition into entrepreneurship was fueled by her desire to address the challenges faced by young girls and the youth in her community. Recognizing the need for a platform that accommodates and empowers individuals regardless of their circumstances, Merab founded Mukuru Talent Share, a venture that serves as a solution-oriented platform, aiming to provide opportunities and support to vulnerable members of the community. Merab’s dedication and passion drive her to create a space that fosters inclusivity, ensuring that everyone has the chance to thrive and contribute to the betterment of the community.

Business Profile

Mukuru Talent Share, operating as “Mukuru Kicks,” manufactures affordable sports balls using synthetic leather. They train and employ young youths, girls, and women in ball manufacturing techniques, promoting inclusivity and addressing unemployment. By providing playable and durable balls at a lower cost, they bridge the affordability gap in Kenya’s sports equipment market. With a vision for reliability and quality, Mukuru Talent Share aims to be recognized in the East African region. The venture has generated total revenue of around $650.

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