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Maison de Coutoure Mariana Reyel
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About Mariana

Like any other little girl, Mariana Mahitiko, the oldest of four children, dreamed of becoming a princess, an actress, a journalist, or a doctor. Today at 22 years old, that dream has evolved to her wanting to become financially independent to support herself and her family. That independent streak was evident from the time she was a teenager when she would start small businesses or find work. However, she soon realised that she much preferred to become a business owner as this allowed her to not only manage her time but become a job creator. Hard-working and full of ambition, Mariana has aspirations to conquer the world in Africa.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Having already established a strong work ethic, Mariana turned her passion for fashion into a ready-to-wear clothing boutique, Maison de Coutoure Mariana Reyel. She currently leads the team and is focused on innovating by learning from others. 

Business Information

Maison de Coutoure Mariana Reyel designs and sells men’s and women’s clothing in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The clothes are mainly made from African fabrics, but they also use other fabrics. Their outfits draw inspiration from traditional African outfits and current modern trends which allow the modern African man and woman to feel fashionable and simultaneously see their roots and history in their clothing. Maison de Coutoure Mariana Reyel clothes retail both in-store and online making their clothes available in the DRC and worldwide. The business aspires to popularise and expand African fashion in the metaverse through online fashion shows. With the business looking to expand, they look forward to investing in a design training course that will help them to upskill. 

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