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Mahmoud Ali Soltan

Shabab Talented 
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About Mahmoud

Mahmoud, a 22 years old entrepreuner from Egypt, is currently a student at the Faculty of Software Engineering, Beijing College of Information Technology, China. He is passionate about providing overseas learning opportunities to young people and students of all ages to help them achieve their goals and dreams. 

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Because Mahmoud earned multiple scholarships to study abroad in China and Turkey, he is always passionate about travelling and how it changes who you are.  COVID-19 gave him a chance to share this passion with other youth online. He founded Shabab talented to provide scholarships and opportunities to youth. 

Business Information

Shabab Talented is a youth initiative that supports young Egyptians. The main goal of the venture is to transfer experiences to future generations with the aim of making it easier for them to search for scholarships, job opportunities, training opportunities, and courses.

Media & Milestones

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