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Mahmood Oyewo loves technology. As a tech user Mahmood knew the limitations and challenges to technology as well as its power to enable new possibilities. Soon Mahmood and his brother arrived at a vision for a platform that could help app developers across Africa and the world to develop applications efficiently and provide users better targeted choices and prices for apps.

Mahmood put his coding and business skills to practice to develop the RubiQube mobile application platform. RubiQube is cross-platform, allowing more developers access to customers and customers access to apps. With this design, RubiQube addresses three major needs in the burgeoning African mobile market. The first is increasing the monetization potential of local apps by reaching more potential customers on different platforms. The second was it allowed developers to built apps on one platform and sell them across several platforms. Thirdly, it had the ability to curate local applications based on the user’s location.

RubiQube is a brilliant vision and Mahmood’s engineering it by developing “adaptor” applications for all the major platforms – Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, Symbian, Bada, and more. The RubiQube team is also exploring the incorporation of newly established technologies like HTML5 into their vision of a single app store platform that can reach any mobile device in Africa and beyond.

Mahmood recently released the Blackberry and iPhone version of app and was nominated for African entrepreneur of the year.

Mahmood shares: “A lightbulb moment I’ve experienced this year, is the importance of quickly pivoting once I’ve failed previously. This doesn’t mean one is a failure, but that they are an entrepreneur who gets inspiration from failure (2015).”

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