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Lourena has a knack for identifying opportunities in areas that are not always apparent. In 2015, after her cousin had asked her to organize a baby shower, it occurred to her that there was a limited variety of party planners dedicated to creating parties for young children in Angola. She quickly realized she could apply her organizational and creative skills to bridge the gap.

She went on to create L&C Buffett Infantil, a company that provides customized birthday party experiences for kids. Lourena and her team provide an assorted range of party accessories and experiences, providing all the things that children love: from cotton candy to life-sized versions of animated cartoons. Since opening in 2015, Lourena has organized over 199 events in Luanda, and averages about 2-3 events per week.

While birthday parties are fun and whimsical, Lourena is tackling a challenge many parents face: finding time to plan a meaningful experience to celebrate various milestones in a child’s life. Lourena saves parents time, money and energy by planning satisfying turnkey experiences that enable  families to create lifelong memories with minimal stress.

Lourena is energized by the prospect of putting a smile on her young clients’ faces. Her aspiration is to purchase and own her own event space and expand her business to other provinces in Angola.


Lourena Bundi integra a lista de finalistas do prémio Anzisha

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O nome de Angola volta a fazer furor num concurso de referência mundial. Lourena Almeida Bundi, de 21 anos, integra a lista dos 20 finalistas do Prémio “Anzisha 2018”, da Academia Africana de Liderança, com patrocínio da Fundação Mastercard da África do Sul.

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