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About Leu

Leu initially thought entrepreneurship wasn’t for him, living in a small village where big dreams seemed out of reach. However, after attending a three-day entrepreneurial program, he saw an opportunity to change his life and others’. Exploring his passion for training, mentoring, and consulting with modern software, Leu discovered his deep-seated enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Leu found immense excitement in the idea of creating his own business, the Futurist Group. Through this venture, he saw an opportunity to align his values with his vision of empowering youth for personal and professional success. Leu’s transition into entrepreneurship was driven by his desire to make a direct impact on society, contribute to the development of Mozambique, and continuously learn and grow while pursuing his passions.

Business Profile

Futurist Group is a company that helps people learn about modern software and technology in engineering and science. They mainly train university students and new graduates to be ready for work or to start their own businesses. Their courses are all about practical skills, so students can learn how to do things, not just know about them. Their goal is to make sure students can use what they learn in real life, not just in theory.

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