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About Lebone

Lebone comes from Alexandra township in South Africa. With a profound interest in business studies, she is determined to increase her knowledge to fuel her entrepreneurial ambitions. Lebone harbors a keen enthusiasm for reading, especially in the realm of self-help literature. She finds fulfillment in personal growth and self-improvement, making self-help books a captivating source of inspiration for her.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Lebone’s journey into entrepreneurship began with a desire for independence and leadership. While working as a sales agent, she found joy in facilitating transactions and envisioned creating her own business. What excites her about entrepreneurship is the chance to lead and inspire others, guiding a team towards shared goals while shaping her own vision for success.

Business Profile

Lumos Coffee Cafe brightens up the township with a unique coffee experience. Unlike bars, the establishment offers a cozy place for people to relax and socialize. The menu includes hot and cold drinks, and non-coffee options paired with tasty pastries. Lumos Iced Coffee is currently a hit, loved for its refreshing taste. Lumos Coffee Cafe aims to bring the coffee shop vibe to townships, offering a healthier alternative to bars while spreading joy through personalized drinks.

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