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Lamine Chamsiya, a student of management and corporate communication, is the co-founder of E3D- Niger, a start-up involved in the production of Neem and local marketing of bio-fertilizers,  bio-pesticides, and cosmetic products.

E3D is involved in agriculture and cosmetics, Lamine heads the cosmetic wing of the venture. E3D’s cosmetic wing manufactures and markets products such as mosquito and ectoparasite repellant soaps, antiseptic soaps for skin maintenance, and the oil Neem for skin care and hair. Sourcing raw materials from locals, E3D has been able to limit the import of cosmetic products while combating the growing trend of using skin lightening products in her community.

She presently employs 4 people, and with the use of the Bio Neem grain, hundreds of temporary jobs have been created for its collectors. They do not only provide healthy alternatives to the cosmetic products in the market, but also offer alternatives to synthetic pesticides for sustainable environmental management.

Despite the challenges involved with storage, Lamine sees a future with over a thousand employees, spanning across Africa and the globe.

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