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Yeyiba Restaurants
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About Krys

At just 18 years old, Krys Digbehi has set his sights on entrepreneurship and the benefits that come with it. From an early age, he always strived for financial freedom and saw entrepreneurship as a way to do that. Inspired by his grandparents love of food, he decided to start Yeyiba Restaurant and is fusing African and European cuisine and serving mouth-watering dishes to students of all ages in his city. He is currently a first-year student studying computer science.

Transition into Entrepreneurship 

Krys can be described as a serial entrepreneur. While in secondary school, Krys started several small businesses including selling shoes. Through this experience, he discovered his love for food and ventured into the restaurant industry and founded Yeyiba Restaurants.

Business Profile 

Krys is the founder of Yeyiba Restaurants. The venture cooks and sells African and European dishes to local colleges, high schools and universities. They also offer catering for events. To support small businesses, they source all their ingredients locally. Krys hopes to franchise the business and create more employment opportunities for people across the country.

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