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Karidas Tshintsholo

Push Ismokol
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South Africa

Karidas grew up in the Ekangala township near Pretoria, with his mother as the sole caregiver. His family still lives in the free housing home they received from the South African government through the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP). Karidas has always been a problem solver, someone who sees a challenge and seeks to solve it through whatever resources he has. One of his early ventures was selling wire cars to other kids in his neighborhood, which he offered by organizing his friends into a labor pool, and focusing on the slightly wealthier neighborhoods as markets.

Among his many other entrepreneurial pursuits, Karidas co-founded Push Ismokol which designs, manufactures, markets and sells trendy sweatshirts, tee shirts, and other clothing items. Alongside his business partner who designs and spearheads the artistic side of the business, Karidas spearheads the strategy, financing and marketing side of the venture. Under the brand name, Push Imokol, clothing from the venture has not only been worn in the Ekangala community but also by actors on local television shows and by local celebrities. Karidas and team utilize unconventional marketing tactics to create a coolness around the brand and increase market opportunity.

The company has 6 employees who are offered gainful employment and trained in the manufacturing process on site. The company has a significant demand to meet, and Karidas’ vision seeks to grow capacity in order to create more jobs within the community.

Ever since being selected as an Anzisha Fellow, Push Ismokol has expanded its networks, its demands have increased, the company has purchased more machinery, and garnered a lot of media attention. Karidas has been featured on Konnect Africa, Afkinsider, and CCTV Africa.In an interview with CCTV Africa, in the Global Business segment, Karidas shared his desire to embody the hustle by reflecting the struggle of the youth, creating more jobs, and to expand Push Ismokol’s production capacity without selling to the sharks of the industry.

According to Karidas, “I believe in making a way for myself and youth in my community to earn a living. Push Ismokol stands for the everyone’s ability to push themselves out of their context and into a better life if they are driven to do so – it is about the hustle for economic advancement.”


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