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Joshua Adabie Armah

Popking Ghana Limited
Consumer Products
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About Joshua

Joshua Armah completed secondary school 5 years ago. Due to circumstances, furthering to university was difficult for both Joshua and his twin so they had to find alternative measures to survive. Joshua was inspired by his mother, who has an orphanage taking care of over 6000 people with little to no financial support. This drove him towards entrepreneurship -as he saw his mother making an impact and believed that he too could make an impact. When Joshua was offered a job selling hand creams, he learned entrepreneurial and customer service skills, but he longed to have his own business and brand.

During one of his usual brainstorming sessions, Joshua produced the idea of selling flavored popcorn under the very catchy name of Popking.


What’s popping

Popking Ghana Limited sells fresh popcorn at wholesale prices to vendors who sell to customers/beneficiaries. Popcorn is a popular treat in Ghana and most providers only sell salted popcorn in or near malls. Popking is quickly becoming a favorite in the Greater Accra region because it is available at many small vendors and offered in multiple flavors. The business also pays higher commissions to vendors than the market average and is involved in the vendor housing project.

To date, PopKing has sold over 15 000 units of popcorn.

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