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About Joseph

Born in Iganga District in eastern Uganda, 22-year-old Joseph grew up in a
family of farmers. What he learned from this community would eventually
position him to start his own business in the agricultural sector. Joseph prides
himself on his communication and problem-solving skills, which have enabled
him to take on various leadership roles.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Joseph recalls feeling driven to start a business, saying, “I discovered what I
really loved in life and kept that reason always at the back of my mind.”
Observing the barriers to agricultural productivity while growing up, he sought
ways to make a difference in his community through entrepreneurship. Many
discouraged him from pursuing this path, advising him to seek traditional
employment overseas instead. But Joseph stood by his vision and persisted until he made it a reality.

Business Profile

Scaling Pathways aims to increase agricultural productivity by bringing
technology and decentralized mechanization to the farming community
throughout the value chain. The company provides a platform through which
owners of agricultural equipment connect with smallholder farmers in need of
their services. The platform is delivered through a mobile application and a
network of booking agents that interact with the largely offline consumer base.
On the one hand, Scaling Pathways offers on-demand, pay-for-use services of
tractors, processing equipment, irrigation pumps, and trucks to farmers. On the other hand, the venture provides asset tracking and virtual monitoring to the agriequipment owners. 

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