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Jonathan Paul Katumba

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About Johnathan

Johnathan studied at Namilyango Junior Boys and continued to Namilyango College for secondary education. While at Namilyango College, he taught himself software development. One of his biggest projects was an artificial swamp that helped villages in Namilyango to access clean water. His project won the National Water and Sewerage corporation innovation challenge as the best water protection project. Johnathan worked on several other projects such as online voting, sports and health tracking system. He is currently completing a degree in Software engineering at Makerere University.


Connecting you to nutrients

Minute5 is an online grocery delivery service that aims to deliver fresh farm foods to customers in the shortest time possible, at the most affordable price. Based in Uganda, Minute5 sources fresh fruits, vegetables, and other produce from small scale farmers and then delivers to consumers and businesses all around the capital city, Kampala.

Media & Milestones


This Ugandan grocery delivery startup has bootstrapped its way to prominence

Disrupt Africa


Ugandan startup Minute5, which has developed a grocery delivery platform, now has hundreds of returning users having bootstrapped its business from the ground up.


#Anzisha2020: Minute5 offers a convenient service to customers in Uganda



Katumba Jonathan Paul from Uganda is an entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and developer and CEO of Minute5. As a finalist in the 2020 Anzisha Prize, he shares more about the startup and what he would do if he wins.

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