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Joie Laurent Sangwa

Domestic Biogas Use Promotion Project
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Joie Sangwa was born in Rwanda and continues to give back to her country to this day. As with all entrepreneurs, and especially social entrepreneurs, Joie saw a huge need for her community and sought to research and develop a dynamic way to solve it.

Joie saw that energy production was harmful to the environment in many capacities and sought renewable, cheap alternatives. She and her team found human waste to be a good source of energy and developed a process to turn human waste, often seen as a hygiene and sanitation problem, to a an energy solution, by installing domestic biogas units throughout her home region. This ingenuity and innovation has allowed for families to utilize resources that are often left to rot away and instead use them as a cheap, alternative energy source that saves families a great percentage of their annual budgets.

Joie and her team are on the way to affect her community in a positive way for the economies of families and the environment of her world.

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