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About John

John’s passion for agriculture began in his teenage years, and it’s been his main source of income ever since. He is the owner of Kita Farm and focuses on rice and maize cultivation. He started the business to increase production and introduce modern farming techniques to his community.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Having engaged in farming from an early age, John recognized the need to modernize agricultural practices in his community. This led him to start Kita Farm, with the goal of expanding production and educating his community on modern farming techniques, leveraging technologies such as tractors, sprayers, herbicides, and insecticides. He views farming not only as a livelihood but also as a passion, continuously seeking to improve agricultural methods for food production, profitability, and distribution.

Business Profile

Kita Farm specializes in farming and producing rice and maize for storage, sales, and distribution. The company’s products are conveniently packaged in 100kg bags to facilitate transportation. Their goal is to incorporate recycling into the business processes and to establish a tech platform where farmers, marketers, and distributors can connect to facilitate seamless transactions for buying and selling agricultural products.

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