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About Joel

Joel, an Angolan entrepreneur from Luanda, describes himself as a youthful dreamer. Initially pursuing a career in professional soccer, Joel’s path was redirected by the Covid-19 pandemic. During this pause, he rediscovered his love for drawing, which ignited his interest in graphic design. With a creative spirit and a fervent dedication to entrepreneurship, Joel is driven by a desire to empower individuals and bring their dreams to life through his work.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Joel wanted to become an entrepreneur because of his desire for autonomy and his passion for creating solutions to help others. Entrepreneurship meant he could become his own boss and transform his ideas into reality and benefit both himself and consumers.

Business Profile

Wi Design is a graphic design venture dedicated to crafting effective media strategies for clients to excel in the digital realm. Beyond merely rebranding, they strive to actualize customers’ aspirations. Their blend of creativity and technical proficiency translates ideas into compelling digital content. Their service spectrum encompasses graphic design, paid traffic ads, social media development and management, and web development. Joel emphasizes the significance of online presence and visual identity in contemporary business.

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