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Jessan Kumar Persand

Jessan Kumar Persand Crab Aquaculture
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Jessan Kumar Persand had always dreamed of launching his own business, and it is by observing that there is a lack of fresh crabs on the local market that this young student of the University of Mauritius, identified a gap in the market and decided to make his dream come true and start his own company.

Jessan Kumar Persand is the founder of Jessan Kumar Persand Crab Aquaculture, a mud crab farming business, that is based on a unique business model which has not yet been established in the Mauritius. This innovative and creative solution to mud crab aquaculture in the lagoon of Mauritius  prevents cannibalism and increases the growth rate of the crabs in a sustainable manner.

To start his business, the company bought around 5000 baby crabs locally and from Madagascar and sold them at a much cheaper price. All equipment was purchased from China pertaining to its relatively lower cost. The young entrepreneur plans to make provision for a storage, nursery, laboratory, depuration plant and hatchery after year 2.

Though the company has already become a force to be reckoned with, Jessan plans to invest in materials, laboratory equipment, machines, food items for juvenile crabs, scientific research, labour and infrastructure in order to continue the growth of his company.

The brand uses a combination of digital and traditional methods of marketing to bring awareness to their products and services.

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