Óptica Ipris 
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About Ivo 

He is a young man who is very dedicated, determined, and bravely decided that college was not for him but rather entrepreneurship. He’s a very involved leader and administrator of his business. He wants to upskill his team and encourage youth to explore business, coaching and entrepreneurship. He is an active member and volunteer at his church. He is also involved in a club that mentors young people. 

Transition into Entrepreneurship 

Once he informed his parents of his decision to explore entrepreneurship as a career, he joined them in their health enterprise and took on the role of CEO. He enjoys managing the business and the opportunity to scale the business. 

Business Profile 

Óptica Ipris is a vision centre in Angola. They manufacture lenses and frames for glasses. They also do eye tests for their customer/patients (his father is a qualified optometrist) and import lenses and frames where necessary. While they aren’t the only optometry venture in his community, their edge is affordability and that some of the manufacturing happens in-house. Allowing people in his community to have better healthcare for inflamed eyes, and painful eyes, improving impaired vision. Ivo plans to franchise his business, increase and explore marketing avenues and strategies (traditional and digital) as well as get training for him and his team to maximize outputs. The venture earns $9380 per month and averages 400 customers per month. ​

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