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Country: provides services to travel cleverly for the first time in Morocco, providing schedules to over 150 destinations including tourist destinations– in Morocco and the European Union. It offers services in 10 languages and 25 different currencies. services are not just limited to bus routes and schedules, but customers can rent buses, book tickets online, and access information on other transport companies and destinations.

Issam Darui is a third year student, studying economics at the Universite Mohammed Premier-Oujda. He grew up in a family with the flair for transportation. At 13 years old, his elder brother, became a professional bus driver. Pretty soon, he started working as a driver’s assistant during the holidays. His experiences resulted in his desire to establish, the first electronic bus station in Morocco.

Issam presently employs 3 people, and since inception, has received a traffic of over 2.4 million unique visitors, of which over 25,000 are registered loyal customers.’s achievements have been widely recognized. In 2014,  it was selected as one of the Top 5 Best Startups in Morocco, the best startup in the eastern Moroccan region, and was selected among the top 5 mobile applications. While in 2015 it was recognized as the best Ecommerce platform in Morocco. Issam’s venture is impacting lives by making public transportation a lot more convenient.

Issam is not letting his tremendous success cloud his mind, neither is he letting challenges such as funding deter him from his goals.’s intends to venture into Transportation 2.0, the next phase that will result in an expansion of its modes of transportation and its markets– starting with Tunisia, then Africa and the Middle East.

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