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Ignatius is the founder of Art Planet Academy, an organisation that has identified the need to create an agricultural school in order to respond to the needs of the community in Uganda and helps in the wealth creation of the community through, farming skills and food security. He is in the venture with a co-founder who is in charge of developing and designing the curriculum.

Art Planet is an amazing people oriented organisation, that works with 21 primary schools, 18 secondary schools, 2 universities and 4 institutions to deliver agricultural training to those who need it most. Art Planet works with a school for 3 months and they have 4 training sessions a month for each of the schools. The children then replicate what they have learnt in their homes with the help of the trainers.

So, how does it work? First, trainers go through 3 weeks of training at the demonstration areas for 1 week in each demonstration area. To be certified they have to go through training and volunteer for one year at the university, as a student. Only those who study agriculture are eligible. They have 22 volunteer trainers and 18 certified trainers.

The trainers are paid for each training session that they conduct. Each school that is signed up for the training receives quality treatment. Art Planet Academy works with 50 students for each school, which is their main source of revenue.

In the future, they want to consolidate the produce that is farmed by local farmers and sell it in bulk and sell less perishable crops like maize.


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Ahumuza Ignatius And Alinaitwe Cleofash, Student Recycling Award Project

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Ahumuza Ignatius and Alinaitwe Cleofash work with the Art Planet Academy in Kampala, Uganda, a youth-led non-governmental organization that integrates advocacy for environmental sustainability with social empowerment programs in educational settings.


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