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About Ian

Ian Khonje completed his secondary education in 2015. He then quickly capitalized on a 2-year university gap driven by university strikes, when he decided to spend this time reading, obtaining an ABE business administration diploma and multiple certificates in videography, design and art. During one of his Economics classes, he recognized that food security was a real issue in his country and decided to take a step towards solving the problem of food shortage.

After a month of research and planning, Ian decided to launch and register his own food processing initiative. In 2018 during his first semester holiday, he registered his company. He thereafter worked out of the kitchen of his parents’ home and launched his first product -Malambe Jam.


That’s my Jam

IKFP is a food processing company whose main objective is to annihilate the seasonality of food products by providing innovative food processing solutions that allow consumers to enjoy food products throughout the year. IKFP’s raw materials are sourced locally. IKFP procurement is done primarily from small local farmers, to promote a local inclusive value chain.

Malambe jam, their main product, is a fruit jam made from the baobab fruit. Eighteen months ago, the business was producing just 10 cans of jam per month, but due to strong demand, the business intends to roll out nationally and supply more than 2500 units of Jam by the end of the year.


The Baobab Breakthrough: how creativity and innovation can change nations | Ian Khonje | TEDxBwaila


Ian Khonje, a budding Malawian entrepreneur shares his entrepreneurship journey and tips for emerging entrepreneurs. Ian Khonje is an entrepreneur and founder of Oasis Brands, a creative digital transformation company, and IK foods, an innovative and sustainable food processing company.




Oasis Brands, in collaboration with Nxtgen Labs and Save the Children, hosted an exceptional ‘Startup Branding Workshop’ in the Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe aimed at inspiring and motivating the participants to revolutionize their business endeavors.


Malawi : comment Ian Khonje s’est lancé dans la production de confiture avec 38 USD



- (Agence Ecofin) - Les produits issus du baobab suscitent depuis quelques années un intérêt grandissant de la part des consommateurs en Afrique et en Occident. Cette demande croissante a poussé Ian Khonje à créer Malambe Jam, la 1ère marque de confiture fabriquée à partir de ce fruit au Malawi.


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