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About Hamza

Hamza, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, possesses a strong passion for utilizing his problem-solving skills to address challenges. He has a keen interest in applying innovative solutions to solve various problems. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he has encountered and overcome numerous obstacles while striving to make a difference.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Hamza’s entrepreneurial journey began with an idea that would eventually evolve into the Lothgah App. He recognized a prevalent issue faced by individuals in Arab countries – psychological problems arising from difficulties with pronunciation. Many people were facing challenges, such as leaving university due to this issue or suffering from social phobia as a result. Motivated by the desire to help those affected, Hamza embarked on developing the Lothgah App. This application aimed to assist individuals in improving their pronunciation skills and overcoming the associated psychological difficulties. With a clear vision in mind, he worked diligently to bring his idea to life.

Business Profile

Lothgha App is a groundbreaking Arabic application that focuses on treating speech problems in a unique and innovative way. Through the utilization of 2D technology, the app offers tailored speech sessions designed to address various speech difficulties. Additionally, users have the option to book consultations and follow-ups with expert speech therapists, ensuring comprehensive support and guidance throughout their journey towards recovery. The business generates about $100 – 150 on a monthly basis.

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