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About Gratien

Co-founder of Promeka Sarl, Gratien Esengo, is a dedicated student specializing in Computer Networks and Telecommunications. With a strong background as a programmer and web developer, Gratien is driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to make a positive impact on the employment landscape in his country.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Inspired by the high rate of unemployment among young people in his country, Gratien made the decision to transition into entrepreneurship. He saw an opportunity to make a difference by running his own business and actively contributing to the development of his community. By becoming an entrepreneur, Gratien aims to create employment opportunities, empower individuals, and drive positive change in his society.

Business Profile

Promeka Sarl is a Goma-based company offering cleaning products and services since January 2020. They provide services such as garbage can evacuation and disinfection, manufacturing and selling cleaning products (bleach, liquid soap), and 3D services (Disinfection, Pest control, Rat control). Their vision includes owning collection vehicles and modern machinery for improved productivity. Promeka Sarl is dedicated to creating a safe and clean environment while generating employment opportunities for young people in the community. The venture has generated around $180 in revenue.

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