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Gerald Matolo is the founder of Angaza Africa Technologies, a company that is revolutionising the use of safe and affordable sources of household and industrial energy through Briquettes.

Briquettes are smokeless, odourless and burn longer than other fuels. Angaza Africa Technologies focuses on the fabrication of briquette-machines, construction of solid waste carbonization kilns and the processing of biomass briquettes. The company also promotes the re-use of locally available scrap metal bars and sheets in the making of the stands and barrels.

Currently the company has two machines (electric & petrol) which produce up to ½ tonne and 100 kg a day. Currently, the company produces ½ tonne a week due to the process of carbonization of the raw material, which takes 2-3 hours per 50kg of biomass. They also use green wood (biomass wood) that carbonises and solidifies bio char that then becomes charcoal.

The machines used by Agaza Africa Technologies have been constructed by Gerald’s team, an amazing feat, against all odds.


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