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About Gaoagwe 

In his final year of studying Business Operations, Gaoagwe is passionate about food safety, biosecurity, and youth empowerment. He enjoys participating in youth business seminars as a youth advisor on starting up successful businesses. Having taken up a leadership role in his church’s youth group, Gaoagwe interacts with the youth closely and has come to understand the problems that youth face in their personal lives. He makes sure he helps where he can. 


Transition into Entrepreneurship 

Driven by the realisation that chicken production is very low in South Africa, with a lot of chicken products being imported, Gaoagwe started Kgosi Poultry in 2020, a company that deals in the production of chicken for meat and egg consumption. He currently sees the day-to-day running of the business, with the help of one other part-time employee whose responsibility is to ensure the wellbeing of the poultry, sales, and marketing, as well as deliveries.


Business Information 

Kgosi Poultry operates in Mahikeng, the capital city of the North West province in South Africa. Besides producing chicken for meat and egg consumption, the company also runs an online course on poultry. They sell their chicken and eggs to individual customers, as well as wholesalers. Gaoagwe stipulates that their top sellers are chicken portions, chicken livers, and eggs. Looking ahead, Kgosi poultry has plans to employ over 300 employees in over 8 branches in South Africa. Gaoagwe envisions these branches working in chicken production, technology, and practical classes for new entrepreneurs in the poultry industry. 

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