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During secondary school Frederick Swai often noticed his neighbors’ frustration when they were forced to make a 2km trek to print or copy documents. They complained not only about the inconvenient journey, but also about the printing center’s limited resources. Frederick recognized an opportunity to provide a more convenient, superior quality offering, and he began saving his pocket money to fund his entrepreneurial idea.

With his life savings and the support of his parents, Frederick soon founded The Dreamer Center, an organization that offers computing and office services such as printing and book binding. But this is not an ordinary stationery store – at The Dreamer Center, Frederick and his team also offer a variety of educational enrichment programs to local youth, including computing skills courses and the opportunity to play educational computer games during non-school hours.

Frederick and his two full-time employees have a strong recurring customer base, and they are now planning new ventures that can merge their IT experience and their passion for education. With the funding of the Anzisha Prize, Fredrick Swai, used the money gained to buy 10 more computers for the Dreamer Centre. On average, he would make 15,000  to 20,000 Shillings per year.  All the funds acquired helped Fredrick pay for attendance at University in Tanzania where he studied Computer Science. Upon graduation, in 2014, he created a second venture, New Anointing Computer Technology (NACT), an IT company which offers software designing, applications development, mapping, netowrking. NACT serves as an extension of the services offered by the Dreamer Centre.

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