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Farai Munjoma, the first-born child in a family of two children recently graduated from African Leadership Academy’s catalyst term, and he is off to university at the African Leadership University. He envisions an Africa free from poverty, which he believes can only be achieved if business minded individuals take ownership of empowering people. He has identified lack of information as a barrier in most societies and has taken advantage of technology and broadband penetration on the continent by creating an educational website that addresses the need for information called Shasha iSeminar.

Shasha iSeminar serves as an on-line library for notes, exam papers, questions and syllabi for any Zimbabwean secondary student. The project has so far received national coverage from 4 newspapers in both English and the native language Shona. As C.E.O, Farai has seen that both 2014 Advanced and Ordinary level examination groups from Marist Nyanaga–his sixth form school– and elsewhere in the country who used the website excelled. The success of Shasha has allowed for marginalised students from Tendanayi Government school in the rural District Nyanga to receive school fees from the proceeds from the project.

Shasha iSeminar wants to emerge as the leading innovate service provider in the country and beyond. Farai would like to see the organisation get rid of barriers such as tribalism and gender inequality by educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Since becoming an Anzisha Fellow, ShaSha iSeminar has been featured several media, such as CNN, the Sunday Mail, and How we made it in Africa. The publicity it has received has caused the number of users to increase drastically. The venture is now more specialised, has employed experts, and has purchased essential equipment to support its operations. Farai has also been awarded the Africa Engineering Week Youth award and the District Award for Entrepreneurship.

Farai wants “to create a platform for national debate were students and youths can contribute their views.”


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