Kalibri Votre Cantine
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About Ericka

Ericka, at the age of 22, found her calling in the world of entrepreneurship after searching for her professional path. Her discovery of entrepreneurship was a clear and natural fit for her.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Recognizing the immense opportunities offered by the Anzisha Prize Program, Ericka saw this as an excellent chance to fully immerse herself in the entrepreneurial journey and further develop her skills and ideas.

Business Profile

Kalibri is a catering and canteen service that provides employees with a convenient and delicious lunchtime solution. With a wide range of menu choices and the option to customize meals, Kalibri delivers the meals directly to the clients’ offices, saving them time and hassle. The business focuses on offering healthy and balanced dishes cooked with care, creating a home-like dining experience for customers. Kalibri addresses the common challenges faced by employees, such as limited restaurant options, long distances, and high prices. Currently serving an average of 20 clients per week and delivering 400 meals monthly, Kalibri aims to expand to other cities in Madagascar and strengthen its B2B presence by securing contracts with SMEs. The venture has generated over  $500.

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