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Eneyi Oshi

Maatalous Nasah
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About Eneyi

Eneyi Oshi is a young leader who wants to improve food security. She is an outcome-oriented agri-preneur with knowledge and love for agriculture. With a desire to learn more and ensure she contributed to the sustainable growth of her business pursuits, Eneyi completed short business courses.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

In the last 5 years, she has studied sustainable farming & agribusiness management. She brings her expertise in Agribusines Management to oversee the daily activities of her entrepreneurial businesses while ensuring the best quality foods for consumers through Maatalous Nasah

Business Profile

Maatalous Nasah is a business that farms chickens, fish, and eggs to sell to urban dwellers through an ecommerce web application called Farmisphere. The business also assists other farmers in the community to sell their products via Farmisphere. Lastly, the business sells farming infrastructure to those who want to grow food in their backyard.

Media & Milestones

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