Jatropha Soap Production
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After visiting an agricultural festival,Domitila saw great potential in the jatropha plant for cosmetic and medicinal uses. Then, she began to research how to produce a soap made from the jatropha plant that could heal a variety of skin problems including ringworm and dandruff. Jatropha Soap Production has gone on to help thousands of people in Tanzania fight off skin problems, while still turning a healthy profit for Domitila and her team. Furthermore, her venture is impactful to a handful of employees who find solace and a healthy paycheck as a result of Domitila’s project.

Jatropha Soap is just the first of many helpful products Domitila hopes to bring to consumers to make their lives just a bit better each and every day.

When selected, Domitila Silayo was a University student working to impact the communities around her. Today she is advancing this mission as a Masters’ student studying the Impact of Information and Communications Technology on commercial banks in Tanzania.

When she isn’t doing research for her thesis or searching for jathropa oil to create more products, she is working on her latest venture, Anzisha Magazine. Anzisha Magazine promotes the stories of startups in Tanzania in one centralized place and has 3 permanent employees.

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