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Délali Yawa Salvatoris Andrea MAGNON

Ladies Delight
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About Délali 

Délali is a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Togo who currently attends the University of Lome and is a science and biology major. After noticing that people in her community had poor access to healthy foods, she decided she wanted to be integral in improving the take action and improving the food options available by creating her business Ladies Delight. Her dream is to be a leading social entrepreneur and nutritionist and help those around her feel empowered to make better food choices. 

Transition into entrepreneurship 

Délali’s entrepreneurial endeavors started at an early age. Interested in sustainable living, she started she created Association des Jeunes Engagés Contrele Changement Climatique after high school to educate people about environmental issues. From there she went on to develop Ladies Delight. 

Business Profile 

Ladies’ Delight is a business that makes and sells taro, sweet potato chips, and potato chips.  The business operates through an online marketing and distribution system. They also make consignment sales to neighborhood shopkeepers. Délali’s vision is to make Ladies Delight a renowned food company for its quality products and accessibility costs.  Soon, she hopes to expand the business to neighboring countries. 

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