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About David

David describes himself as courageous, innovative and self-driven. Currently, he is taking a gap year prior to enrolling in university. During this time, he is helping fill the shortage of science teachers in public schools in his town while running his own venture, CutOff_Recycle.

His approach has always been to create localized solutions to problems in his hometown. After winning Young Scientists Tanzania in 2018, David was able to found CutOff_Recycle, an enterprise that recycles human hair waste into agri-products. Today, he produces agriproducts and also sells technology on how to use hair to fortify construction bricks.


A hairy situation

CutOff_Recycle is a business that aims to innovatively recycle human hair into efficient fertilizers and pesticides for agricultural use as well as using hair fiber reinforcement to make strong building bricks.

The raw material-human waste hair is directly collected from 20 saloons at very little or no cost. The natural hair is sorted and treated before being boiled to produce finished pesticides and fertilizers then sold to end-users in retail and wholesale. The business has sold its fertilizer to over 20 farms to date.


Finalists for the 2020 Anzisha Prize: David Denis - Cutoff Recycle - hair waste management

Land of African Business


In 2018, CutOff Recycle was born in Tanzania , an environmental circular economy company co-founded by David Denis and Ojung'u Jackson , whose main goal is to recycle hair cut by hairdressers. Several tons of hair that were previously unused are now chemically and locally treated to be transformed into liquid fertilizer and herbicide to meet the needs of the 15 million Tanzanian producers who cannot afford agricultural products.

22-year-old Tanzanian entrepreneur makes it to Africa’s top 20

The citizen


Dar es Salaam. David Denis, a 22-year-old Tanzanian entrepreneur has recorded another milestone after he was listed among the 'Top 20 Very Young African Entrepreneurs' by the Anzisha Prize.


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