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Mosaicspiration Project
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Chineye’s passion for art and the environment stirred up a desire to create a space where she could teach fellow students how to create great art pieces using trash.At 21, she founded the Mosaicinspiration project, a venture that converts trash into art and trains other young Africans in the art of recycling.

Despite facing adverse challenges such as health and safety concerns, capital, and the general stigma around trash, Chineye has built a venture to reckon with. Since becoming an Anzisha Fellow, her business has grown from local to global, she has been featured various media outlets such as CNN, CCTV Africa and Al Jazeera, and has also been a guest speaker at different conferences.

Nowadays, she spends most of her time with her three other co-founders, helping young Ghanaians realize their potential to make a change in their communities as entrepreneurs through the
Afri-One Youth Forum



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