Cebolenkosi Gcabashe

G Khula Trading
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About Cebolenkosi

Cebolenkosi is an ambitious entrepreneur and the Founder and Managing Director of G Khula Enterprise. At just 22 years old, he takes charge of the company’s daily operations, devises and executes strategies, and ensures compliance within the industry. Cebolenkosi’s role encompasses various management responsibilities, demonstrating his dedication and leadership skills.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Cebolenkosi’s transition into entrepreneurship was marked by his determination and multifaceted expertise. With a strong sense of responsibility, he oversees all operational aspects of the business and implements effective strategies. Cebolenkosi’s diverse skill set extends beyond business management, as he actively participates in rugby and contributes to the academic development of students by offering free tutoring in Accounting. This reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to empower others in their business pursuits.

Business Profile

G Khula Trading is a property enhancement business specializing in interior and exterior cleaning services. They restore property value and promote cleanliness and hygiene, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company also empowers young girls through skills development and aims to expand its services to the industrial and government sectors. G Khula Trading envisions creating over 50 job opportunities, with a focus on inclusivity for people with disabilities and women. The business has generated over $2000

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