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Blessing Fortune Kwomo

De Rehoboths Theurapeutic Studio
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Blessing is a nursing student who is passionate about the health of her community. She grew up in a rural in a village a district of Dakata in Kano State of Nigeria, as one of eight children. Her parents are her inspiration, particularly her mother who inculcated in her an entrepreneurial spirit. Growing up in this socio-economic context, Blessing was struck by the extent to which illness recurred due to the poor living conditions of families. The context instigated  and perpetuated disease.

To provide a solution to this problem in her community, Blessing founded De Rehoboth’s Therapeutic Studio, which extends home-based healthcare through tailored family action plans for treating illness and addressing root causes to empower families to live healthier within the context of their surroundings. Her business exists to provide health care services for low-income families. De Rehoboth’s treats root causes through management of chronic illnesses and tailoring ‘family action plans’ which firstly treat illness and second address root causes and empower families through education to live healthier within the context of their surroundings.

Through this venture, Blessing employs three people in her community and impacts health outcomes for countless people within her community who would otherwise not afford healthcare services.

Apart from being an Anzisha Fellow, she has been featured on numerous media outlets, such as CNN and How we made it in Africa. The publicity given to Blessing’s venture has contributed to a significant increase in her client base, demand, capital, and her number of employees.

According to Blessing, “The core problem of poverty is a complex, multidimensional disease that requires an equally broad, comprehensive cure. Thus De Rehoboth’s envisages a holistic healthcare solution that addresses both the biological disease & socio-economic factors that aggravate it.




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