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Bisimwa Nyunda Gulain

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About Bisimwa

NYUNDA, BISIMWA Gulain was born in Bukavu, DRC to BISIMWA MAKUNGU, his father, and Judith KALWIRA, his mother. He began his university studies in business law at the Catholic University Sapientia and is currently in his final year. In 2020, he founded BiNG, an abbreviation of his name, as an agro-food processing company.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

As a result of repeated wars spanning more than two decades that have resulted in a food and economic crisis, the DRC, in general, and the province of North Kivu in particular, have been unable to capitalize on their agricultural development potential. According to a report issued by FAO and WFP in 2021, the number of people affected by acute food insecurity in the DRC is estimated to be 27.3 million, or one in every three, with nearly seven million people facing emergency levels of acute hunger. In this crisis, Bisimwa saw an opportunity to found his  company BiNG which committed to fighting malnutrition, particularly in small children, through its products such as infant flour, which is high in vitamins and proteins, Céréglacs biscuits, and bio bread.

Business Information

BING provides a variety of products to a variety of customers by processing local agricultural products known as Cereglacs (Grand Lac Cereals), such as bread, infant flour for porridge, and biscuits. To operate, the venture purchases or harvests raw materials, transforms them into semi-finished products, transforms them into consumable or marketable products, and finally packs and sells.

BING sells Cereglacs (Céréales Grand Lac), a line of locally made bread, infant flour, porridge, and biscuits. It encourages the consumption of local products that meet the customer’s needs.

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